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Lean Thinking - A way of Life!

Lean Thinking is a way to think about how your organization can work best for the customer and how you can achieve above average results. An organization can’t change by copying another and just hope for the best. To improve, you can’t just solve a few bits and think the solution is going to work forever. Those are short term thoughts. They're like fast fixes to solve an emergency situation.

Lean Thinking: Create a Lean Vision first


LeanResults helps you proceed on the road to radical improvements. We help you create a vision of how your organization could perform with the help of the Lean Philosophy. You’ll create an organization where, within every process, this question is asked: "Does the customer think there’s value being added here?" Many organizations have done this before you.

Lean is also a philosophy to approach problems and solve them in the same way. Everything is clearly defined and problems are stopped. You take more time than before to define the problem, to determine basic causes and to formulate a solution. You do this together and much more thoroughly than you ever did. You will notice problems stay away because you have fixed them once and for all. In Lean we call this the ‘first time right mentality’.

“Lean Thinking: Analyze slow and with consensus, act fast, this breeds lasting improvements”


The steps an organization should take to generate a better result are known. The organization knows where it wants to go in the future and knows how to get there. Standardization helps: 80% of all jobs can be performed flawlessly and in a standardized way. This makes room for the other 20% of activities which require real brainpower. This gives you the chance to exercise your creativity and professionalism. At this time 80% of the time we’re busy extinguishing fires.

That’s Lean Thinking. The vision is most important, so make the vision very specific and derive directions to daily work from it. We can help you with that.

What is a vision?

A vision only works when it’s inspiring. Employees should be able to get focus, but also direction and energy from it. A good vision creates opportunity for creativity and courage. It connects colleagues with each other and gives them a joint purpose. Turning this vision into pictures, a movie, a story, et cetera, really gives employees the opportunity to live it before the fact. To move in that direction in their daily decisions and actions.

“With LeanResults you’ll visit organizations that already successfully implemented Lean – seeing is believing with Lean Thinking”


The organization wants to go through certain developments. What does the organization want to improve? What does it want to learn? And how does the organization see itself in the future? A vision is good when its core is about the goals of the organization. Be creative and think out of the box. Make the vision something to be proud of and something people have seen to be of use.

From the vision, goals are set that can be achieved with Lean.

Involve your employees in your Lean Thinking


An organization is nothing without its employees. We say this often, but with Lean we actually make this come true. The people down in the organization usually make the most important Lean progress, because Lean is a part of their pride and jobs.

Because employees have very important and exemplary behavior (similar to the management), they can make room to experiment, to implement change and improvements, to trip and fall. Let them make mistakes! Else they don’t learn.

And of course, by teaching employees how they can:

  • Go about their work efficiently;
  • Reduce cost and time by reducing throughput;
  • Identify and solve problems quicker;
  • And more!


Lean Thinking – a way of life


Lean isn’t a fast solution or a temporary change. It’s a way of life. LeanResults will help your organization to make this permanent change and to maintain pace and direction towards ever increasing results in any respect. Keeping this momentum feels heavy, but with the right vision and attitude, these Lean improvements become unstoppable.

Let us show you how you can do this too!

Want to know more about Lean? Then have a look at What is Lean.



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