Lean: Aim to Fail Fast, Fail to Succeed!!

Aim to fail fast and often. And fail to succeed: If you fear failure, it's time to change your mindset. Often times, failure is what will lead you to success. In fact, sometimes, failure is a better, faster and more meaningful way to reach success.

Learning to ride a bike

Of course you recognise this when you were learning to ride a bike. Your father or mother 1st showed you how to ride a bike. Then you would ride the bike using little wheels on the sides. But after sometime you got bored with that and asked them to remove the wheels.

Then new growth started: they ran alongside with you  holding your arm while you were riding the bike.

And suddenly they released you. You are on your own. Experiencing riding the bike by yourself. And by falling from the bike you really learnt what you can do and what you  shouldn't. You learnt much more from the failure then from riding without falling.

The Start to a happier and easier Life and better Performance

Now it is time to practice this even more in daily life and at work! By failing you also show others that failing is good. You will notice that  also others will start to perform better  around you. Because they  started to learn faster  from your example.

Enjoy Failing! Tataaaaaa!

fail and grow

Standards make Kaizen happen

By applying standards one can create true Kaizen. But what is Kaizen exactly? Simply put, it means that when you don’t know how to do something, or if you don’t perform consistently, how can you make it better? By applying Kaizen.

Improving your organization with standards!


Three parts of standard work with Kaizen are:

  1. Takt Time
  2. Work sequence
  3. Standard Work In Progress (SWIP)

Want to know more about how you can apply Kaizen in your organization? In the article about Kaizen is a big explanation about the application standards and each subject has its own calculation.

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New articles in the knowledgebase!

There are new articles in the knowledgebase!

The 7 forms of Waste

Waste is a part of our daily life. We waste time waiting in line at the cash register in a supermarket, we waste time in a traffic jam or we waste time waiting in line for the doctors in the hospital to see us.

Sometimes you lose things and try to find them, when you find out it wasn’t actually where you thought it was. Doing things over and over again? That is the most wasteful activity.

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new articlesSaving with Lean Management

This period is full of wonderful opportunities! And also new challenges. For many organizations the current financial situation requires new ways of thinking to increase results. Something completely different needs to happen. There are two roads to take. Finding ways to improve profit and look for chances to decrease costs: in other words, chasing the traditional savings. Cutting in the costs.

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New knowledgebase article: The 5 Lean Steps

The 5 Lean Steps towards a better result

Lifting your organization to the next level is the most important thing there is. Lean can greatly improve your company. The 5 Lean Steps form, together with the 6 Lean Principles, the base to a Lean organization.

These 5 Lean Steps are:

  1. Decide the customer value;
  2. Streamline the processes;
  3. Make sure there's a continuous flow;
  4. Work with pull;
  5. Improve continuously.

Do you want to know what these 5 Lean Steps are?

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