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Aided by our programmes, reaching radical improvements will be much easier, more natural and effective. Our experience lies mostly in service industries, healthcare organizations and governments.

Within organizations in other sectors we have most experience in improving supporting processes, like finance, HR, IT, R&D, sales, customer service, credit control, facilities etc.

Regarding our experience in healthcare sector please see below.


Interview with one of our clients

Interview with drs. Tom Francken RV, CFO Desso Group

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Our Healthcare Experience

Experience with Neurology Outpatient Unit of general hospital

  • Production improvement of 30% compared to the previous year with the same team;
  • Culture change accomplished by the team and neurologists.


Implementing Lean management at outpatient Surgery department of general hospital

  • Culture change in the team staff and surgeons;
  • Result: an increase of 15 surgeries per week at two locations with the same team.


Orthopedics department in general hospital

  • Analysis and implementing Lean in surrounding with much resistance;
  • Some examples of results at the personnel level;
    • The department was on sick leave;
    • Part of the team was unmotivated as evidenced by the many complaints from patients;
    • Large part of the team changed its attitude and went to work, some people decided to work elsewhere.

 2015 Dubai conference

Lean implementation at Eye clinic of general hospital

  • Changing layout of clinic reduced movement of patients and personnel;
  • Reduced waiting time 45% and simpler allocation of treatments rooms to patient on daily basis.

Implementing Lean and culture in pharmacy

  • Implement a Smart Filling system allowing more customers 20% increase in productivity;
  • Less people needed 30%.

Experience with training of hospital managers in Lean

  • Train them in their role to be a leader in the transformation process towards a Lean organization.

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