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Improvement Programme - leanresultsLean really works. That’s what I’ve discovered over the past few years. For over 25 years I’ve been working with, learning with, applying and teaching improvement programmes within organizations to improve their results.

At first as Registered Controller, then as financial manager and later on as a consultant and certified coach, but always with my ‘feet in the mud’ of practice as we say in the Netherlands.

Knowing what it’s all about, making people aware of each other and closely working together across departments, applying proven methods and keeping a focus on results. That’s what Lean is about and it’s the key to every success.

After all these years I still come across many organizations which have trouble realizing structural improvements. And these are what organizations need the most in this ever changing and more competitive world. I’ll explain how that’s possible with the Lean Philosophy.

Results can always be improved

You probably recognize the following situations:

For you that means:


Does your organization also has to improve results in order to guarantee her health?

Improvement Programme - four big problems within organizationsA lot of organizations underestimate the power of a focused Improvement Programme that’s based on proven methods.

Improving your work comes after work is finished, if ever. There is no real attention for improvements and most of the time they are seen as a goal instead of a means to achieve structural improvement of results.

If you don’t apply Lean Principles to your organization nowadays, you’ll miss the opportunity to really be ahead of competition, because the market changes quickly. Discover how you can improve your results and make them stick aided by Lean philosophy.

With Lean you will be able to really perform

If there’s something I’ve learned, then it is that Lean works for every organization. With Lean we’ve achieved so many structural improvements in many organizations. Lasting improvements. Why? Because employees start improving themselves! On a daily basis. We apply a train the trainer programme. We only train the day before we actually use the material in real life sessions. By applying the theory the day after the knowledge can be transmitted to the rest of the staff. Within six to nine months after you started working with us you’ll earn back your invested money. And we guarantee that! We can guarantee that also because you will start measuring your performance right away, aided by us.

With the improvement programmes of LeanResults:

To us it’s really inspiring to watch our clients grow every day. Seeing them work together wonderfully. We enjoy the fact that our clients benefit from their results.

We work based on proven Lean philosophy. We´ve been applying this for a long time and we also, like the customers, strive for perfection. We always start with the same basic principles, because they simply work well.

This is what makes our Improvement Programmes work so well; in the past years we’ve continuously improved and optimized them for even better results.

We deliver better results together with you. The Lean Programmes by LeanResults are easy to apply and really work.

Our Lean Improvement Programmes work for every organization and every department

You really don’t have to spend a lot of money on all those expensive consultancy firms in order to be successful and to increase performances within your organization. The only thing you need to do is decide that you’ll embark on this Lean journey with us. Are you ready to experience your organization improve her results with at least 20%? Our Improvement Programmes are effective in your organization too, so come join us.

"Let us guide your organization and teach you how to improve your results drastically with minimal costs."

Our New LeanResults Programme

We’ve proven to you already that Lean really works. So grab your chance and start with Lean now. LeanResults would love to help you realize better results in your organization. With pride we present our new LeanResults Improvement Programme:

Benefits being a participant:


Benefits for your employer:


This programme includes;

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