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About LeanResults

LeanResults is your partner for effective performance improvements


"Let's make the work floor a fun place, together"

LeanResults is happy to be your partner to help you achieve effective improvements in your organization. We understand how difficult it is to create structural improvements and to really start thinking and acting in a different way and doing that organisation wide.

Aided by our programme, reaching radical improvements will be much easier, more natural and effective. We mostly work in the service industry, healthcare organizations and governments.

Within other organizations we usually improve supporting processes, like finance, HR, IT, R&D, sales, customer service, credit control, facilities etc.

leanresults now - Louis Brackel

My name is Louis Brackel. I’ve been an  enterpreneur  since 1999, I’m the owner of LeanResults and Co-Efficient Management Consulting. Together with my colleagues I specialize in the art of realizing the best performance within organizations.

As Lean Consultant, Registered Controller, Certified Co-Active coach and also an enthusiastic and committed sportsman, I will always use my skills to reach maximum potential. The people at LeanResults guide organizations that want to achieve results which exceed average. We bring excellent results to life in your organization. And we do that by cooperating closely together. You too can experience this.

"Far better results by organizing differently"

Before I became a Lean Consultant, I had a career as a financial manager and controller working in different positions of large companies and non-profit organizations. Together with my colleagues, I was always busy improving the results of organizations. That’s our passion.

I found out that there’s so much more potential in every business if they would just organize differently. Taking time for improvements, really working together, aligning goals and making them SMART, managing results and above all, keeping in mind what customers want are the key factors to success. You want that too, don’t you? Read here how you can improve your business.

Effective Improvement Programmes

leanresults - now - blok3 englishI firmly believe in the effectiveness of Lean. Because seeing is believing. My profound experience in process management and cooperation with organizations has made it possible for me to create Improvement Programmes that really bring lasting and effective changes within organizations.

Programmes created by LeanResults help your organization understand the concept of reducing waste and finding the best and most efficient workflow for teams.

These programmes have proven to be highly effective. Improvements start right away and the benefits of an effective organization soon become visible. Your organization can participate in these too.

LeanResults is just like you ánd we are also different

We are just like you: We had the same positions you’re in right now. Our colleagues have been managers in finance, sales, healthcare, IT etc.

But we’re also different from everyone else. I’ll reveal how that’s possible.

We developed a programme with your organization in the back of our mind. We are always thinking: What knowledge and practical tools does your organization need to get started right away and start implementing new concepts? No academic theories or fuzzy ideas, but real ‘straight to the point’, practical, comprehensible, proven, SMART and useful tools. We’re also different because our colleagues are all senior managers, consultants and coaches. No juniors involved. We deploy train the trainer methods. We make sure you can take our position within a short time.

Discover below how your organization can also improve performance using the Lean philosophy.

Our programmes are successful, because:
green-check-iconWe provide physical and virtual guidance delivered by experienced consultants and coaches;

green-check-iconWe provide a Body of Knowledge and Skills; presentations, online articles and tools;

green-check-iconWe provide formulas, checklists, action plans and other supporting material you need to implement Lean.

Our programmes and materials are effective and easy to use

_2110422033Thanks to our support and readily available tools and other material you can start improving your organization right now.

Discover how you can improve your business with Lean: Invest in our LeanResults Improvement Programmes

We are convinced of the effectiveness of our Lean Programmes and we always have so much fun helping you to start thinking and acting Lean, by applying it in a safe and rich environment. It can’t get more honest than this, so what are you waiting for? Join in

"I hear, I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I know"

You too can achieve amazing results

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I’m looking forward to your application
Have fun and good luck,  see you soon.

Want to know more about Lean? Check “What is Lean?”


Sender: Louis Brackel
Date: 14-02-2013