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Achieve Your Goals in 2014 !

Achieve Your Goals in 2014, with a little help from Harvard! see


Great tips from Harvard Business Review to really make this come true

1. Successful people do nine things differently than everyone else.

2. The rest of us hold ourselves back in five major ways.

3. But don’t stress! Just change the way you think about stress.

4. To spot new opportunities, imagine yourself in the future.

5. And act like a leader before you are one.

6. Decide what not to do in order to make time for the work that matters.

7. Keep meetings on track. Please.


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Smarter is Faster and more Fun! 3 tips to start off with Lean

Work is never finished … Do we have a problem?


customer - piles of workYou know the drill: Every day you go to your job, you think to yourself, boy, that’s a lot of work. Yesterday’s work isn’t even finished yet. I hope we don’t have that many customers again today with complaints or changes in their orders. This was exactly what Marie, head of Customer Service of a wholesale business, was thinking when she was in her car driving to work. Even her colleagues of Sales Department call her during the day about orders.

My new colleague Annemarie has been working for 2 months now, and she’s constantly talking about how things could be improved. “At my former employer everything worked so much better,” she keeps saying. “We just kept going over there, and we had better team spirit. I still miss the drinks we always had on Friday. Just taking it easy for a bit with my colleagues from Sales Department,” she keeps saying. “What a race this is,” Annemarie sighs.

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Are you looking for an effective method to radically improve your results?

We work based on a proven Lean method. We´ve been applying this for a very long time and we also, like the customers, strive for perfection. We always start with the same basic principles, because they simply work well.

With Lean:

  • we will teach you to radically improve performance;
  • you will generate lasting improvements together with your colleagues;
  • you will enjoy your work much more;
  • and you will create continuous growth of yourself and your organization.

Want to know more? Check out our Improvement Programme!

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