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Standards make Kaizen happen

By applying standards one can create true Kaizen. But what is Kaizen exactly? Simply put, it means that when you don’t know how to do something, or if you don’t perform consistently, how can you make it better? By applying Kaizen.

Improving your organization with standards!


Three parts of standard work with Kaizen are:

  1. Takt Time
  2. Work sequence
  3. Standard Work In Progress (SWIP)

Want to know more about how you can apply Kaizen in your organization? In the article about Kaizen is a big explanation about the application standards and each subject has its own calculation.

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New articles in the knowledgebase!

There are new articles in the knowledgebase!

The 7 forms of Waste

Waste is a part of our daily life. We waste time waiting in line at the cash register in a supermarket, we waste time in a traffic jam or we waste time waiting in line for the doctors in the hospital to see us.

Sometimes you lose things and try to find them, when you find out it wasn’t actually where you thought it was. Doing things over and over again? That is the most wasteful activity.

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new articlesSaving with Lean Management

This period is full of wonderful opportunities! And also new challenges. For many organizations the current financial situation requires new ways of thinking to increase results. Something completely different needs to happen. There are two roads to take. Finding ways to improve profit and look for chances to decrease costs: in other words, chasing the traditional savings. Cutting in the costs.

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Lean Workshop big success!

The Lean Workshop held by Louis Brackel on april 4, 2013 in Lokaal Victoria was a great success. The participants were busy with Lean Thinking and building.

Lean works from the inside to the outside. Lean thinks of the entire process. What makes it so successful? It doesn't just deliver great financial results. It also leads to more enthusiasm and fun with the employees and above all, the internal and external customers are much happier. Because the Lean process answers many fundamental human needs of delivering quality and on delivering a valueable addition to the process.

Seems interesting, doesn't it? The Lean Workshop might be something for you!

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