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New knowledgebase article: The 5 Lean Steps

The 5 Lean Steps towards a better result

Lifting your organization to the next level is the most important thing there is. Lean can greatly improve your company. The 5 Lean Steps form, together with the 6 Lean Principles, the base to a Lean organization.

These 5 Lean Steps are:

  1. Decide the customer value;
  2. Streamline the processes;
  3. Make sure there's a continuous flow;
  4. Work with pull;
  5. Improve continuously.

Do you want to know what these 5 Lean Steps are?

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Knowledgebase: The Customer as King & Lean Thinking

Knowledgebase full with tips!

LeanResults placed two new articles in the knowledgebase! This time the subjects are: 'The Customer as King' and 'Lean Thinking'.

The customer as King again, is about the fact that customers are the key to a succesful organization and that they decide the ultimate goal of the organization.Kennisbank - _9979683595

Lean Thinkign is about having a vision and that you shouldn't just apply and use Lean, but also have to feel and think Lean. Lean is something you become, not something you just do.

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